Jeff babcock with coffee farmer

Talking Coffee With Jeff Babcock

Here’s what we learned over coffee with Jeff Babcock, the Founder of Zoka Coffee & Tea Co. in Seattle. We delve into the issues plaguing the coffee ecosystem and the measures needed to remedy them.

caffeine in coffee

What’s The Deal With Decaf Coffee?

Caffeine is part of the reason why we love coffee. Decaffeination removes caffeine from the bean to cater to people with caffeine sensitivities. But how is it done, and is it any good? Here’s the deal.

coffee bean selction

Coffee Scoring: How Do They Do It?

Specialty coffee is gaining popularity with every passing day. These are beans that meet certain criteria and score above a defined threshold. But who decides the coffee scoring criteria and how do they decide?

waves of coffee

Waves Of Coffee: A Definitive Guide

Each wave represents a major change in the way we consume coffee. So far, we’ve been through three waves of coffee of them, but what happened during these waves, and is there going to be a fourth?