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  • Colombia – GEISHA

    $18.01$56.69 or from $15.31$48.19 / month

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    From the Finca La Suiza comes a stunning and rare geisha at an reasonable cost for the experienced coffee lovers to cherish it. The notes of floral, fruity, and creamy body will be nothing but highly delightful on the tongue.

    • Producer:Hacienda La Suiza
    • Tasting Notes:Cherry, Strawberry, Rose, Creamy Body
    • Recommended Roast:Light
    • Score:89
  • Guatemala – GEISHA

    $23.87$85.98 or from $20.29$73.08 / month

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    From the award-winning Finca Santa Felisa comes a stunning and rare geisha. Ripe with gentle lemon and chocolate notes, followed by the characteristic tang of sparkling wine found in geisha coffees, this coffee’s a journey that experienced coffee lovers will want to take.

    • Producer: Meneses Siblings
    • Tasting Notes: Lemon Zest, Milk Chocolate, Sparkling Finish
    • Recommended Roast: Light
    • Score: 90
  • Yemen – Pearl of Tehama

    $19.12$62.24 or from $16.25$52.90 / month

    Save 28% or more for orders of 2 lbs or more. FREE Shipping!

    Grown in the ancient coffeelands of Yemen hails this rare and complex coffee. With deep fruit and tangy citrus notes, rounded by a chocolatey smoothness, it’s a testament to the endurance of growers who pursue exceptional flavor despite overwhelming odds

    • Producer:Independent IBB Farmers
    • Tasting Notes:Almond, Black Cherry, Baker’s Chocolate, Fig
    • Recommended Roast:Medium
    • Score:88

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