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  • Bunafr Espresso Blend

    $15.40$45.30 or from $13.09$38.51 / month

    Save 35% or more for orders of 2 lbs or more. FREE Shipping!

    We can guarantee that our Espresso Blend is better than any other espresso blend in the market with full of fruity flavors, much needed body, sweetness, and acidity. It is very hard to strike such perfect balance, but that is what we are great at! You will love this coffee for espressos, americanos, lattes, and even pour-overs. We are thrilled to share this blend with you all year around.

    • Coffees:Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Sumatra, Brazil
    • Tasting Notes:Baker’s Chocolate, Pomegranite, Red Grape
    • Recommended Roast:Medium Dark, Dark
    • Score:87
  • Bunafr Summer Blend

    $16.50$50.90 or from $14.03$43.27 / month

    Save 33% or more for orders of 2 lbs or more. FREE Shipping!

    Summer is officially here, and what else is more exciting on a summer day, than sip a bright, delicious coffee all day! Thus we launched this Summer Blend to enjoy the brightness in coffee. It tastes great whether it is cold brew or drip or espresso or pour over or any other method. This coffee created from 3 equal parts of Ethiopia, Guatemala, and El Salvador has lots of bright tropical flavors followed by the finish of fudge. It’s hard not to keep sipping this coffee. We are excited to share this blend with you just for the summer season.

    Coffees: Ethiopia, El Salvador, Guatemala
    Tasting Notes: Lemon, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Fudge
    Recommended Roast: Light
    Score: 88

  • Ethiopia – Arsi Refisa

    $14.72$40.21 or from $12.51$34.18 / month

    Save 35% or more for orders of 2 lbs or more. FREE Shipping!

    The mystery of this coffee is its charm. Grown from plants of unknown varieties (found growing wild in nearby forests), this coffee’s rich chocolate and deep fruity flavors are unique, satisfying, and everything you could want from an exotic Ethiopian bean.

    • Producer:Local Nansebo Farmers
    • Tasting Notes:Chocolate Fudge, Pomegranate, Lemonade
    • Recommended Roast:Light
    • Score:87

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