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  • Bunafr Decaf

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    Do you want to enjoy coffee generously but not worry about excessive caffeine impact, then we have the perfect Decaf for you. Often Decaf is associated with not having enough flavors and spark, but when the decaffeination process is done right most flavors can be preserved. Here we bring you a decaf with lot of flavors but very little caffeine (yes every decaf has a small percentage of caffeine you should know that).

    • Producer:Colombia
    • Tasting Notes:Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Smooth Finish
    • Recommended Roast:Medium, Medium-Dark
    • Score:88
  • Bunafr Winter Blend

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    Save 33% or more for orders of 2 lbs or more. FREE Shipping!

    Our winter blend created from 3 Central American coffees and Brazil coffee is well balanced to give you fruity flavors along with rich dark chocolate notes and smooth finish. You will continue to sip in winter while enjoying the crips winter air and snow. This blend was discovered after many experiments of blending and tasting different single origin traceable coffees in our coffee lab by our cupping experts. This coffee will taste best when it is roasted medium or medium-dark. We are excited to share this blend with you just for the winter season.

    Coffees: Brazil, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala
    Tasting Notes: Baker’s Chocolate, Blackberry, Apple, Smooth Finish
    Recommended Roast: Medium, Medium-Dark
    Score: 87

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