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  • Nicaragua – Limoncillo

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    Discover a Nicaraguan coffee like none other. This rare JavaNica varietal features bold and clean berry and citrus fruit flavors. This producer is a multiple time Cup of Excellence (CoE) award winner. When you roast it and brew it, you’ll understand why.

    • Producer:Fincas Mierisch 
    • Tasting Notes:Sweet Pineapple, Grape, Blackberry, Raspberry
    • Recommended Roast:Light
    • Score:88
  • Sumatra – Solok Radjo

    $15.03$41.77 or from $12.78$35.50 / month

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    Explore the distinct forestry flavor of Sumatra-grown beans in this stunningly complex coffee. Paired with a fruity sweetness and spice undertones, this coffee performs surprisingly well across the roast spectrum.

    • Producer:Local Kerinci Farmers
    • Tasting Notes:Cherry, Peppers, Bakers Chocolate, Cedar
    • Recommended Roast:Medium-Dark, Dark, French
    • Score:86.5
  • Yemen – Pearl of Tehama

    $19.12$62.24 or from $16.25$52.90 / month

    Save 28% or more for orders of 2 lbs or more. FREE Shipping!

    Grown in the ancient coffeelands of Yemen hails this rare and complex coffee. With deep fruit and tangy citrus notes, rounded by a chocolatey smoothness, it’s a testament to the endurance of growers who pursue exceptional flavor despite overwhelming odds

    • Producer:Independent IBB Farmers
    • Tasting Notes:Almond, Black Cherry, Baker’s Chocolate, Fig
    • Recommended Roast:Medium
    • Score:88

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