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Home Coffee Roasting Kit

1. Hot Air Popper

A low-cost effective hot air popper that can roast 75 grams in less than 4 minutes.

2. Green Coffee Beans

  • 1 lb Costa Rica Green Coffee
  • 1 lb Brazil Green Coffee
  • 1 lb Ethiopia Green Coffee

3. Storage Bags

21x small coffee bags to store your each batch of roasted coffee.

4. Roasted Coffee Beans

0.5 lb (225 g) of roasted coffee (75 g for each of green coffees) to understand how your freshly roasted coffee should taste.

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About the coffee

About the source

We’ve reimagined the use of pop-corn popper as fluid bed hot air roasting. Experienced home roasters all know the best gear to start roasting coffee on is the tabletop popcorn popper. We tested the six most popular popper models, found this as the best-performing and most reliable one. This popper can roast 90 grams of coffee in less than 5 minutes.


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