Costa Rica – La Rosa

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If there was ever a coffee that tasted sunny, this would be it. With an array of vibrant citrus and grape notes, followed by a delicious hint of licorice spice, this exciting Costa Rican coffee is a great fit for lovers of lively and bright roasts.

  • Producer:Cerro Alto
  • Tasting Notes:Bright Lemon, Lime, Red Grape, Licorice
  • Recommended Roast:Medium
  • Score:89.5

About the coffee


Heredia, Central Valley

Farmer Family

Familia Vindas



1500 MASL




October – March

About the source

Venture just eight miles away from Costa Rica’s bustling capital city, and you’ll arrive in Heredia, the “City of Flowers”. Located in this charming region lies Finca La Rosa, one of four farms in the Cerro Alto family.

All four Cerro Alto farms and processing mill, all operated by the Vindas family, are known for a pioneering spirit when it comes to environmental sustainability. Since 2012, the Cerro Alto processing station has earned a Carbon Neutral Certification via a third-party agency after measuring, tracking, and recovering the carbon produced at the farm and mill.

The farms are also former Cup of Excellence winners (ranking top ten) and highly sought after for their quality coffee. Most of the coffee produced here is purchased by buyers from Australia and Japan—so we’re thrilled to be able to share this incredibly bright and exciting bean with home roasters in North America.

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