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Bunafr Decaf

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Do you want to enjoy coffee generously but not worry about excessive caffeine impact, then we have the perfect Decaf for you. Often Decaf is associated with not having enough flavors and spark, but when the decaffeination process is done right most flavors can be preserved. Here we bring you a decaf with lot of flavors but very little caffeine (yes every decaf has a small percentage of caffeine you should know that).

  • Producer:Colombia
  • Tasting Notes:Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Smooth Finish
  • Recommended Roast:Medium, Medium-Dark
  • Score:88
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About the coffee





Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Smooth Finish


About the source

We believe that coffee should be inclusive and anyone who likes to enjoy it, should be able to do it. Whatever you personal reasons for drinking decaf – summer and non-stop cold brews, or late night coffee taste cravings, or bio-logical needs, we have a perfect decaf for you. Our decaffeinated coffee beans come from the best farms in Columbia. Not only is our decaf delicious, but it has the flavor of good conscience as a result of how our farmers are treated.


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