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Bunafr Winter Blend

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Our winter blend created from 3 Central American coffees and Brazil coffee is well balanced to give you fruity flavors along with rich dark chocolate notes and smooth finish. You will continue to sip in winter while enjoying the crips winter air and snow. This blend was discovered after many experiments of blending and tasting different single origin traceable coffees in our coffee lab by our cupping experts. This coffee will taste best when it is roasted medium or medium-dark. We are excited to share this blend with you just for the winter season.

Coffees: Brazil, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala
Tasting Notes: Baker’s Chocolate, Blackberry, Apple, Smooth Finish
Recommended Roast: Medium, Medium-Dark
Score: 87

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Meet the Bunafr Winter Blend

We believe that coffee blends should be created to provide the complex flavors, smoothness, balance, and mouthfeel not to dilute the spark by mixing inconsistent quality coffees. And that is what we are doing with each of our traceable blends.


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