Yemen – Pearl of Tehama

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Grown in the ancient coffeelands of Yemen hails this rare and complex coffee. With deep fruit and tangy citrus notes, rounded by a chocolatey smoothness, it’s a testament to the endurance of growers who pursue exceptional flavor despite overwhelming odds

  • Producer:Independent IBB Farmers
  • Tasting Notes:Almond, Black Cherry, Baker’s Chocolate, Fig
  • Recommended Roast:Medium
  • Score:88

About the coffee


Al Qafr, IBB


Pearl of Tehema



1300 – 1400 MASL




October – February

About the source

Coffee is one of Yemen’s most ancient treasures, with coffee history spanning back nearly 2,000 years. Old world varieties and farming practices enduring since the 1500s give beans from this country a flavor spectrum that’s complex and unique. Unfortunately, the ongoing conflict makes Yemeni coffee very hard to come by.

Tucked away in the rocky mountains of western Yemen lies Ibb, a region made up of smallholder farmers. In the area of Al Qafr, our exporting partner, Pearl of Tehama, worked with 130 local coffee growers to acquire this coffee. 

Battling inconsistent rainfall, virtually zero access to business or agricultural resources, decaying infrastructure, and the world’s most severe food shortage, these farmers have everything on the line. It’s with great reverence and gratefulness that we are able to share this incredible coffee with you.


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Yemen – Pearl of Tehama
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