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Meet The Team

Anjani CEO

Anjani Annumalla

Founder & CEO

Anjani is an engineer at heart with a passion for solving complex business problems. He spent 15 years+ in the tech and e-commerce industry. Anjani led the launch and expansion of consumables, and grocery businesses in the US, EU, JP, and IN, at Amazon and helped build the foundational technology for supply chain, last mile, and robotics fulfillment. His obsession with coffee, and solving the imbalanced and complicated coffee supply chain is what led to Bunafr.

Jeff Babcock

Jeff Babcock

Director of Coffee Sourcing

Jeff, a coffee industry veteran with 35 years of wisdom, has started multiple coffee companies. His coffee companies have won several national/international barista championships and awards. Jeff served on the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) board in the 1980s, judged Cup of Excellence competitions, and vetted farms for 15+ years. He was one of the few that helped shape third-wave coffee culture in the US.