How It Works - FAQs

It’s very simple! You take the survey to discover your taste preferences and get matched with right coffees and farms.  Get these coffees delivered to your doorstep, roast them fresh as you need, brew as you normally do, and experience the heaven in your mouth!
You can subscribe to matched coffees or one of our subscription plans to experience the adventure of coffee around the world and lower price.

The shipping is free for all coffees –  subscriptions and one-time purchases in the US. For international countries we charge nominal shipping fees to cover the cost and can be seen in checkout. We also use carbon neutral carriers to ship your package across the entire mainland US, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.

Bunafr is for anyone passionate about coffee, and/or wants to support our mission in making every cup magical while improving the coffee world by directly connecting consumers to producers.

For those who have not roasted before, we have created a kit to get you started right off the bat. Check out our home coffee roasting kit.

We believe in empowering our customers in choosing any coffee they want instead of controlling their experience by limiting options. 

To that end, we offer various ways you can subscribe to coffee and get them delivered every month. You can start a subscription for your #1 recommended coffee or you can pick one of the 3 subscription types we have – Single Estate, Traceable blends, and Remarkables to experience a new coffee each month for several months after which you can continue the journey or find your perfect coffee and stick to it! We highly recommend our subscription types for coffee connoisseurs who want to be adventurous. All our subscriptions come with roast profiles and free shipping.

Single estate subscription is for the adventurous ones who want to explore various regions’ coffee each month and get delighted each month! Traceable blends subscription is for one who likes consistency and less variation in flavors and notes  before narrowing down to the desired blend. And Blends are consistent in flavor year over year but single-origin coffees can differ in taste with the new harvest season. Remarkables subscription is for coffee connoisseurs who have traveled the coffee world and want to promote their palate to Geishas or rare-to-find coffees.

Absolutely! We know life is dynamic, you could be traveling or hosting someone so you probably want to pause or increase your coffee for the next month. We made this easy – 5 days before your coffee ships, we remind you about what the next coffee will be and you can choose to go with a recommendation, repeat the last one, or just let us do the magic to take you through the journey. All subscriptions can be paused anytime from your account page. 

We will do everything and anything to make it right because we are passionate about providing impeccable coffees and experiences to our customers. Not liking your coffee could be because of the way it is roasted or because of wrong matching which rarely happens. We guarantee the first match so contact us at: and we will make it right.

There are roughly 25+ countries that produce coffee. We decided the origins based on the tasting notes diversity, the quality of coffee based on Cup of Excellence (CoE) standard score, macro-demand for coffees of these regions because of their tasting notes, and of course the seasonality. So if you don’t see the country you like, it might be coming soon based on their harvest season, but also please let us know by writing to us at, so that we can hear from our passionate customers and recommend the closest one in the meantime.

The simplest definition of a roast profile is the application of heat (sometimes forced air too) to the beans over the time period of roasting. Roasting coffee starts with green coffee and completes anytime after the first cracking of coffee for the majority of the world. How the heat and air are applied throughout this time defines the roasting. Each unique way of heat and air application creates a different taste in roasted coffee, including one way that brings the optimal flavors which is what we design in our coffee lab after many trials. And this profile is what we are sharing as part of the subscription.

Great question, the amount of coffee you need for the coffee subscription depends on your daily household consumption and brew methods. Click here for more details.

For each given green bean and each roasting machine, we do multiple iterations of roasting to perfect the profile. Because of the time and effort required to do so, we are prioritizing the roasters based on their popularity. If you don’t see your roaster please write to us at and we will add it to the pipeline of roasters for which we need to create profiles as well as help you get the optimal profiles until we have the roast profiles for you.

Our goal is to make the coffee world better while making every cup magical. So, we don’t believe in unnecessarily putting strain on mother earth. Green coffee has much much longer shelf life than roasted coffee. And this is one of the reasons home coffee roasting is better. So, unlike roasted coffee sellers who allegedly need to ship coffee in smaller quantities and more often to keep it “fresh”, we can send you a whole month’s supply without impacting anything in taste while also not taking a lot of space in your pantry.

Not at all. At Bunafr, we believe that every person has their own unique taste preferences and unique coffee journey. We love all our customers whether they like French or Italian roast or light roast or anything in between. We will meet you at where you are on your coffee journey, and guide you through the coffee journey, which includes home coffee roasting.

Nope. Home coffee roasting and our green beans will elevate your coffee game no matter how you brew your coffee. A great coffee bean will taste 10X better than a regular one for any brewing method. You just have to be aware of roast to brew times, which differ for different brew methods.

Absolutely! Home coffee roasting should be and is agnostic to the brewing methods. To achieve this, we are selling reusable K-cup pods and grinders to bridge the gap from roasting to your existing brewing methods. Using reusable k-cup pods, you are also reducing the impact on the environment. 

There are many guidelines on this and at the end of the day it boils down to your taste preferences and your brew methods. For brew methods like Drip, French Press,, and Pour-over brewing on the same day as roasting is fine, whereas for espresso brewing on the same day might result in a gassy (bubbly) shot. What is gassy? When we roast coffee the carbon dioxide comes out of the beans. After roasting the beans emit gas for the next 24-48 hours. Hence, for espresso, the unofficial consensus is to wait 24-48 hours at least after roasting. The best way to decide what is right for you and your brewing method is to brew as usual and observe the taste of your coffee on different days after your roasting.