About Us

Learn why Bunafr exists from our Founder and CEO Anjani Annumalla

Our green mission starts with green beans.™​

Coffee industry has a few deep rooted problems – commodified quality, economic imbalance, and its impact on the environment. While 80% of coffee is consumed at home, 80% of industry revenue goes to big coffee shop retailers, and 80% of coffee farmers live below poverty line. Carbon footprint of coffee is 150B Kgs/year and it will triple by 2050 if nothing is done. Consumers pay significant amount for specialty coffee and yet don’t get to taste nuance delightful flavors of the coffee. 

We think empowering coffee lovers to roast coffee at home and use green beans directly will solve many problems. Hence, our green mission starts with green beans.™

Quality Standards

The 85+ Rule

We believe that finding high-quality green coffee should be effortless. Everyone should have access to these beans without sorting through massive catalogs.

That’s why every single coffee we source meets a minimum quality rating of 85+, according to the official Cup of Excellence scale.

Sourcing Relationships​

Farmer Connection​

Buying green coffee is a powerful way to celebrate the passion of coffee growers at the origin, and give them a voice in the global value chain. To do that, we’re eager to introduce you to our partners with full traceability.

Get to know the growers, build upon their work by roasting at home, and join us as we eliminate the layers between coffee farmers and coffee lovers.

Responsible Business​

Gender Equity​

Nearly 80% of the world’s 25 million coffee farmers live below the poverty line. Increasing agency and resource access for women laborers and women-owned farms is one of the greatest ways to fight this global challenge.

We’re thrilled to partner with women-owned farms that are making an impact in their local communities by funding girls’ childcare, education, and healthcare from farming profits.

* We donate $0.50 to the Las Nubes Daycare for every pound of Guatemalan coffee sold. See why.

Environmental Sustainability​

Planet Friendliness​

The coffee industry’s carbon footprint is off the charts. It doesn’t have to be this way, and we’re here to do our part in building a more efficient, low-carbon supply chain.

Bunafr green coffees are meticulously packaged in fully compostable bags, shipped in recycled materials (recycle again, please!), and delivered via a carbon-neutral carrier. Plus, our green coffees travel fewer miles than typical roasted coffees before they reach you.

Our Story

Primarily we are coffee lovers, who like to not just make better coffee but also make coffee world better.

It all began with COVID. When COVID locked down forced us to change the way we consumed coffee, we realized how critical high quality beans and roast freshness are in achieving the highest quality of cup. We also realized how coffee roasting is a gate keeper and a constraint in achieving supply chain efficiencies and equitable society in the coffee world. So, we came together to marry the decades of speciality coffee experience with technology, and supply chain with a vision to make top quality beans and coffee roasting capability accessible to everyone in the world, and a mission to make every cup of magical.