Coffee Is Better Roasted At Home

Drink hyper-fresh coffee by roasting green coffee beans at home. It helps the farmers, saves money, and lets you discover your perfect cup. This is coffee personalization at its peak.

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How Bunafr Works


You deserve a coffee that’s tailored to your taste. Our quiz helps us understand your palate and personalize your coffee.


Our coffee sommeliers study the sensory experience of each coffee to find the perfect bean for you & we deliver it to your doorstep.


Experience the magic of home coffee roasting with the push of a button. Customize your roast level. Grind and brew as usual, and bliss!

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Because you deserve coffee that’s made especially for you

New to home roasting?

Master the art of coffee roasting with our innovative, smokeless roaster. Perfect for any kitchen, it turns you from novice to expert effortlessly. Roast where you want; love what you roast!

Green Coffee

All of our subscriptions come with roasting profiles, free shipping, and a curated selection of single origins, blends, and remarkable coffees.

Meet our Farmers & Producer Partners

We believe roasting at home is the best way to break down walls, give farmers a voice among coffee lovers, and create more personalized coffee experiences.

Become A Coffee Master

Here, we talk about the intricacies of coffee from farming to brewing. Learn about the gears in the machine that keep it going, and discover ways to elevate your coffee forever.

What Roast Experts and Coffee Lovers are saying…

Having worked with roasters that use conduction and convection heat applications for several years now, I was very pleased to see the results of the Bunafr compared to our standard production roasts. It was hard to detect the difference between our Diedrich roaster and Bunafr in a blind cupping. 

I’ve been sample roasting all my career including some popular sample roasters. When I say I’m excited about what Bunafr will offer the coffee industry, it’s no hyperbole.
Dennis R.
Production Roaster at Mercury Coffee, Seattle, WA
“Roasting coffee at home is a lot easier than I thought. With the welcome kit and a little bit of instruction, I made coffee that’s miles above anything I get at the coffee shop. I like my coffee every day, and I look forward to it!”
Zack M.
San Diego, CA
“Loving the taste! There’s actual flavor and different notes I can identify instead of the usual bitterness. It’s also perfect that I can use my Cuisinart coffee maker to create such a premium coffee.”
Mason W.
Seattle, WA