Introducing Bunafr Roaster

The best way to make coffee at home
whether you just love it or geek out about it.

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Perfect Roasting Simplified


  • Smart Subscription
  • Roasting Companion app for coffee tasting and rating
  • 5 Different Roast Levels
  • Variable batch size from 50g to 225g
  • Fully automated. “Roast while you toast™”
  • Custom Profile Design and Sharing
  • Compatible and small dimensions 6x12x16
  • His and Her vacuum sealed jars
  • Smokeless
  • iOT and interface with smart speakers – Alexa and Google

Unlock the experience of drinking hyper-fresh coffee at home.

With a push of a button, roast coffee precisely to your liking. Our patent-pending technology is fully automated and knows about the beans you are roasting and your taste profile.  With real-time control and app, you can create your custom profile. 

Current orders delivered in October/November 2024

Tech Specs

  • First Crack Detection
  • Multiple Bean Temperature Sensors
  • Pre-heating Capability
  • Climate Controlled
  • Unmatched Roast Consistency & Quality
  • Roast Profiles for variable batch size
  • 13+ Sensors
  • Offline Mode
  • Back to Back roasting
  • Auto Dispense into storage jar
  • Quick Cool Down of Roasted Beans
  • Real Time Roast Control Technology™

Get Connected

Use the Bunafr app to create a custom roast profile with real-time roasting control, connect with coffee lovers, share roast profiles, and manage your favorite coffees, subscriptions, and roast profiles.