Introducing Bunafr Roaster

The best way to roast coffee at home
whether you just love or geek out about it.

Perfect Roasting Simplified


Unlock the experience of drinking hyper fresh coffee at home.

With a push of button, roast coffee exactly to your liking. Our patent pending technology is fully automated knows about the beans you are roasting and your taste profile.  With real time control and app you can create your custom profile. 

Current orders delivered in December 2023

Tech Specs

Get Connected

Use the bunafr app to create custom roast profile with real time roasting control, connect with coffee lovers and share roast profiles, and manage your favorite coffees, subscriptions, and roast profiles.

What Roasting Experts Are Saying

“I could only drink coffee as a “dessert” filled with tons of sugar and cream, because black coffee was too bitter, but not anymore. I never thought I would be a black coffee connoisseur and it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t discovered Bunafr.”

Katy S. Seattle, WA

“Roasting coffee at home is a lot easier than I thought. With the welcome kit and a little bit of instruction, I made coffee that’s miles above anything I get at the coffee shop. I like my coffee every day, and I look forward to it!”

Zack M . San Diego, CA

“Loving the taste! There’s actual flavor and different notes I can identify instead of the usual bitterness. It’s also perfect that I can use my Cuisinart coffee maker to create such a premium coffee.”

Mason W. Seattle, WA