Connecting Producers & Consumers

Our Farmers and Producers

Coffee is a centuries-old business driven by people at the origin who are passionate about it. Unfortunately, the commodification of coffee has not served farmers or consumers over the last few decades. We want to change that. We are here to put the farmers and consumers at the front and center of the coffee value chain.

Meet Our Farmers

Learn more about our single-estate green coffee farmers; their origin stories, thoughts, and efforts.

Meet Our Producer Partners

In countries where farmers don’t own enough land or have the necessary resources to process an adequate amount of coffee, our producer partners jump in and help farmers bring their hard-grown coffees to us. This is common practice with many of the farms in Africa, Indonesia, and other parts of Asia. We have learned that serving only single estate coffees from these countries doesn’t actually serve small farmers. That’s why we decided to partner with amazing producer partners in these regions who share our values. Learn more about these producing partners, their leadership, their efforts on quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing.