Why Roast Coffee at Home?

Roasting coffee at home allows you to enjoy high-quality, fresh coffee at a fraction of the cost. It empowers coffee farmers by giving them their fair share, addressing the poverty issue in the coffee industry.

Home roasting can direct up to 63% of the cost per cup toward coffee farmers, offering them a more equitable income in comparison with the traditional supply chain.

Home roasting simplifies the supply chain, reduces intermediary transfer points, uses electric roasting instead of gas, extends green coffee shelf life, and avoids the need for aluminum or plastic packaging.

Roaster Specifications

The roaster can roast coffee in 8 to 10 minutes, depending on variables like batch size, roast level, and green bean type.

The roaster has a maximum batch size of 225 grams and a minimum batch size of 50 grams.

The average power consumption is 1650W/110V, similar to typical household appliances.

The roaster is customized to facilitate the voltage & frequency requirements of several regions. It supports 100-120V, 220-240V and 60Hz, 50Hz.

Bunafr uses a multi-modal heat transfer technology™, combining heat sources and methods for consistent roasting. It uses both conduction and convection heat transfer.

Yes, the roaster can achieve French roast levels.

Yes, but you will have to create your own roast profiles with our companion app which comes for free with every roaster purchase.

Dimensions are 12x4x16 inches, weight is approximately 20 lbs.

Yes, using our app you can create your own roast profile from scratch changing multiple different variables – heat, fan, agitation, and monitor multiple temperature data points and humidity.

The Bunafr Roaster comes with state-of-the-art capabilities like smokeless operation, fully automated roasting, app versatility, adjustable batch sizes, and gives you a perfect roast in under 10-minutes.

Roasting Process

Users receive monthly green coffee bags, scan them at the roaster, add beans, press a button, and in 8-10 minutes, get a freshly roasted, personalized coffee.

Bunafr’s smoke suppression technology ensures a smokeless roasting experience with rich aromas.

Filters can last up to 30-60 roasts, with ongoing efforts to extend their lifespan.

The roaster cools the beans and itself at the end of every roast and supports back-to-back roasting cycles.

You can purchase it from our website.

Companion App and Compatibility

Yes, the Bunafr app enables customization and sharing of roast profiles, and tracking and reordering of green coffee beans.

The roast time is usually between 8 and 10 minutes. It changes based on heat intensity, airflow intensity, and batch size.

Yes, it will work with both iOS and Android.

Yes, roaster is an IoT machine and can be used without the app. Just use the device UI to select coffees and roast profiles.

Currently, the Bunafr roaster can only be used with our app.

You can adjust heat intensity/temperature of the heat source, airflow levels, and agitation speed and direction of agitation.

Green Coffee Beans and Sourcing

Bunafr’s Green Coffee Marketplace offers beans partnered with award-winning farmers. Users can also buy from other sellers.

Blending is possible either before or after roasting, depending on the characteristics of the beans.

Our green coffee subscription service provides you with multiple options with monthly deliveries. Choose from our three options: Single Estate, Traceable Blends, and Remarkables. As you continue with the subscription, you’ll discover new coffees & blends. All our subscriptions come with roast profiles and free shipping.

Yes, you can.


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