From Costa Rica

Gaia Artisan Coffee

Gaia was born in 2016 with the aim of reactivating the coffee sector through genetically improved plants with high productivity, cup quality and resistance to diseases. Since then, they ventured into production on farms and created a brand that is recognized for high quality roasted coffee for national and international consumption.

Gaia is excited to partner with us in bringing the coffee directly from farmers to you, the end consumers. The company has 3 fincas at 1500-1850 meters above sea level in Naranjo city in Western Valley, Costa Rica. Gaia is known for experimenting new ways and technology to bring the best flavors from the beans. They follow 3 major processes White Honey, Washed, Natural, and experimented a new fermentation process called Anaerobic. On the same lines, Gaia produces 15 different varietal including six special varietals like Wush Wush and Geisha. 

The details


  • Since: 2016
  • Region: Naranjo, Western Valley, Costa Rica
  • Average Size Of Farm: 119 Hectares
  • Number of Farms: 3
  • Harvest Month: December – March
  • Processing: Washed, Honey, Natural
  • Varietals: 15 Different Varietal – Giesha, Wush Wush

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