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Bunafr Smokeless Home Coffee Roaster

The true secret to brewing the best-tasting coffee? Freshly roasted, high-quality green beans. Now, with the Bunafr Home Coffee Roaster, you can effortlessly roast green coffee beans in your kitchen to deliver a perfect cup.

Whether you want to level up your daily cup or are already a home-roasting hobbyist, our Roaster unlocks undiscovered flavors in every fresh green bean. And our Bunafr Home Coffee Roaster elevates every cup, no matter how you choose to brew espresso, pour-over, french press, Moka pot, and even reusable pods.

Estimated shipping June 2023.

6 Monthly Payments are Available

Customs and Taxes

You will be responsible for paying for customs and taxes in your country/region. Estimates below.

Canada United Kingdom Europe Japan Korea Hong Kong Singapore Australia
$161.20 $175.60 $168.40 $77 $136.60 $0 $53.50 $74.90

Why Choose The Bunafr Home Coffee Roaster?

Our patent-pending Home Coffee Roaster delivers greater roasting customization and consistency than anyone else in the market. It starts with our seamlessly integrated UX, empowering individuals to completely control their daily cup.
roasted coffee beans dropping from coffee roaster
person scanning green coffee beans in front of roaster
coffee roaster roasting green coffee beans