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From the Finca La Suiza comes a stunning and rare geisha at an reasonable cost for the experienced coffee lovers to cherish it. The notes of floral, fruity, and creamy body will be nothing but highly delightful on the tongue.

  • Producer:Hacienda La Suiza
  • Tasting Notes:Cherry, Strawberry, Rose, Creamy Body
  • Recommended Roast:Light
  • Score:89

About the coffee


Chinchina, Caldas


Familia Garcia



1440 MASL




December – March

About the source

We source our Colombia Geisha green coffee beans from Finca La Suiza, which is located in the borough of Alto La Paz in the municipality of Chinchina, Colombia. It’s owned by Mr. Carlos Arturo Adolphs Garcia, who is passionate about providing top-quality Colombian coffee to the world. La Suiza grows varieties such as Tabi, Gesha, Pink Bourbon, Wush Wush, and Caturra at 1440 MASL. La Suiza has 11 hectares and 32,000 coffee trees comprised of Gesha 14,000, Wush Wush 5,700, Tabi 9,000 Pink Bourbon 2000, and Caturra 1,500. The municipality of Chinchina is located just 18 kilometers from the capital of the department of Caldas and has rich hydrography.

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