Sumatra – Solok Radjo

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Explore the distinct forestry flavor of Sumatra-grown beans in this stunningly complex coffee. Paired with a fruity sweetness and spice undertones, this coffee performs surprisingly well across the roast spectrum.

  • Producer:Local Kerinci Farmers
  • Tasting Notes:Cherry, Peppers, Bakers Chocolate, Cedar
  • Recommended Roast:Medium-Dark, Dark, French
  • Score:86.5

About the coffee


Kerinci, Jambi


500 Member Solok Radjo Co-op



1500-1800 MASL


Andungsari, LiniS795, Sigararutang



About the source

Visit this mountain co-op of western Sumatra and you’ll quickly notice that its 500 member farmers aren’t just coffee growers—they’re full-blown farm to cup fanatics. With eight regional collection stations, three certified Q Graders on staff, and a roasting facility, the Solok Radjo Cooperative is an organization with an unwavering commitment to quality.

One practice we love about Solok Radjo is that co-op members are paid in cash when they deliver wet parchment to the collection station, offering growers reliable cash flow.

Another Solok Radjo program we’re proud to support is the reforestation of over 2,000 acres of land that was destroyed by illegal loggers. The co-op is currently planting both native trees and coffee trees to restore the habitat’s biodiversity.

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Sumatra – Solok Radjo
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