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Single Origin Journey

Journey to the corners of the coffee map, farm by farm, with our curated Single Estates coffee subscription. Each month we’ll send you a new micro-lot from one of our single origin partners. Taste the stunning differences between growing regions and countries and discover how farming practices, plant genetics, and processing impact flavor.

Blends Journey

Find your roasting groove with the most interesting and flavorful blends we could craft from our farming partners around the world. Each month we’ll send you a rotation of one of our signature blends: Espresso, Traditional Dark, or Fall Blend. After you’ve enjoyed all three, you may commit to a single blend, or create a custom one.

Remarkable Journey

Get your hands on rare varietals and award-winning micro-lots. These are the limited-edition coffees you’d pay hundreds for from established roasters, like 90+ scoring geishas, exquisite Yemenese beans. The Exotic Club is the savvy roaster’s gateway to exploring the most interesting and hard-to-find coffee origins and flavors.

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4 43.17 % $7.90
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